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Good Samaritan Novena, Day 3: Those Struggling with Suicide, Depression, and Mental Illness

August 13, 2014

This isn’t what I had planned to focus on for this third day of the novena (August 13), but in light of Robin Williams’ suicide, it seems appropriate. 

Especially since as I was sitting at the Hamilton train station tonight after seeing my therapist, two police officers stopped by and asked for my name and the name of the other woman waiting there. It turns out that they were looking for a potentially suicidal woman named Amanda. As they left, my companion on the platform turned to me and said, “I’ve thought of suicide.” She went on to spill out a story of addiction and isolation–not asking for anything, except a listening ear. There wasn’t anything I could do except listen, and offer her the hope that things could get better.


Your prayers are asked for Amanda and Chris and all who struggle with “the black” and other mental “demons.”  Pray too that the Christian community will respond with compassion and gentleness.

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