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Intercessory Mass for Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Peru on October 28, at 10 p.m.


Join with the Oratory in praying for the countries of Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Peru, using the resources of the World Council Church’s Ecumenical Prayer Cycle.  (

If you’re interested in joining in the intention, you can write a comment on this blog post, like or comment on the Oratory’s Facebook page, or send an mail to the chaplain at A candle will be lit for anyone who joins in.

A short prayer resource will be posted shortly for anyone who is interested.





Prayer Resource for Praying For Israel and Palestine



Praying for Israel and Palestine .

Click on the link above for a short set of resources for joining in the prayer for Palestine and Israel. It includes a list of things to be thankful for and to pray for, a scripture reading, a litany from the Anglican Cathedral of St. George, and a prayer from the former Roman Catholic patriarch Michael Sabbah.

You are welcome to use it for your own devotions, but it should not be used for commercial purposes.

A copy of this can be obtained as a Word document by emailing Mother Sandra at

Mass for the World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel: September 21 at 10 PM



Instead of joining in the World Council of Church’s Ecumenical Cycle of Prayer this week, the Oratory is uniting its Saturday night intercessory mass to the World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel, also sponsored by the WCC. According to their website:

“During this week which includes the International Day of Prayer for Peace on 21 September, church organizations, congregations, and people of faith are encouraged to bear a common witness by participating in worship services, educational events, and acts of support in favour of peace and justice for Israelis and Palestinians.”

Resources and prayers are available at their website:

Pray that there may be a secure and just peace in this turbulent area

Intercessory Mass for Ghana and Nigeria at 10 PM on Sept. 14

The Oratory will celebrate an intercessory mass for Ghana and Nigeria on Saturday, September 14th at 10 PM, using materials from the Ecumenical Cycle of Prayer created by the World Council of Churches. ( If you are interested in joining your intentions to this mass and having a candle lit in your name, please comment below, like or comment on the Facebook post, or email the Chaplain at All are welcome to join in, since intercessory prayer is part both of our privilege and responsibility as Christians.



Intercessory Mass for Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, and Togo on Sept. 7, at 10 PM


Intercessory prayer allows Christians of all types and places to join together, lifting our hearts and our souls up to God for the world.

On Saturday, September 7, at 10 PM EST, the Oratory will offer an intercessory mass for the countries of Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, and Togo. Resources from the World Council of Churches’ Ecumenical Cycle of prayer for the world will be used.  (

It is not necessary for you to be physically present at the mass in order to join in. A candle at the mass will be lit in the name of anyone who comments below, likes or comments on the Oratory’s Facebook page (, or contacts the chaplain, Mother Sandra, at

As Christians, we need to remember that the world is much larger than the small portion of it that we see around us. It has much to offer us; and we each have much to offer it.





August 31 Mass For Cape Verde, The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and Senegal 10 PM



On Saturday, August 31, at 10 PM, the Oratory will continue to join in with the World Council of Churches’ Ecumenical Cycle of Prayer by celebrating a mass in which the nations of Cape Verde, The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and Senegal will be offered up in prayer. While the form of the mass will be drawn from the Book of Common Prayer, the collect and prayers of the people will be drawn from churches in those countries.

If you are interested in joining in with the intention for these countries, you are welcome to comment below, send a private message to the chaplain, Mother Sandra, or like the Facebook posting.

For more resources, you can check out the World Council of Churches website for the cycle at

Prayer Cycle Mass for the World on Saturday Nights at 10 P.M.

20190816_2030336833707933104397771.jpgIn many liturgies, we add a generic prayer for the world. The prayer can slip by us easily because it is so general, and the pain, need, and thankfulness in particular places doesn’t get named or even thought about.

Through my experience with prayer, I have come to the conclusion that we are called to pray in specifics, not in generalities–and that each one of us may have the privilege of lifting up in prayer a particular area or a particular concern. Someone might find themselves to drawn to pray for a political leader (even perhaps one whose politics they ardently disagree with). Another person might lift up those in their area who suffer from addiction. There are a multitude of needs, but there are also a multitude of people to pray.

My personal “prayer burden” (as my charismatic friends called it) seems to be the peace of Jerusalem and those who are in pain in the middle of the night. Yours may be very different.

However, recently I ran across something that seems to walk the line between the overly general and the very specific. The World Council of Churches has an Ecumenical Prayer Cycle, that focuses on the needs of a particular area/set of countries each week. In their link

they offer a set of suggested intercessions of things to be grateful for and things to pray for. Prayers, litanies, and songs are there, as is more information about the churches in the area.

This week the focus is on Sierra Leone and Liberia, two nations with a history of tragic violence. The specific resource page is here:

For the next 20 weeks, through Advent and into Epiphany, the Oratory will pray in sync with the World Council of Church’s cycle, culminating in a mass each Saturday night at 10 p.m.

You are welcome to join in each week’s intention, bring your own particular concerns to God. Candles will be lit for intentions, for people, and for the area of prayer.  Comments are welcome–as are requests for specific prayers.

Remember that when two or three are united in God’s name, God is there in the midst of them.