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Scriptural Stations of the Cross: Station 13

April 3, 2013
A cross marking the presence of a monastery near Jerusalem.

A cross marking the presence of a monastery near Jerusalem.

There really are no words that do justice to Christ’s death on the cross.  It is awesome enough that the fullness of God should come down and live as one of us.  That our God would be put to death in (and for) our broken world is beyond our comprehension. When we look at the stark reality of the cross, words fail us.

If we look away, however, back at the city walls, we will see Jerusalem, a city chosen by God and precious in God’s sight. This same city that is racked by conflict, this same area that has been fought over for so long, is the particular site where Jesus chose to live and die in the fullness of humanity.

People may dispute the exact site and the details, but there is no avoiding the fact that the very core events of the Christian faith took place in this city of Jerusalem.  Jesus walked these streets, worshipped in the Temple here, was tried here by the Romans, and died here.

As we remember Christ’s death, let us not forget to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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